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Be Grateful!

I don't want this to come off as cruel, but I can't listen to Mom's complain about their kids. Hearing about Mother's that think something is "annoying" or thinking that their kids flat head due to positioning is the WORST thing in the world and so sad drives me crazy...

I want to scream to these Mothers, and Fathers, "you don't know what real worry is!" or "how can you be annoyed with your baby, at least your baby is here with you!" I want to tell people about my sweet angel, Noelle, to maybe put their situation into perspective.

I am a nurse, and I was COMPLETELY ignorant to the complications associated with pregnancy until I was pregnant, for the first time, with Noelle. Besides my sister and sister-in-law, I was the first one of my friends to be pregnant so really none of my friends could understand what being pregnant with a healthy baby is like let alone all the stress and worry that went into my pregnancy with Noelle. It really shows you who is your true friend when you go through something like this. Even if you have never been pregnant and can't understand, those that reached out, whether through a text or phone call, really helped me through. There are some that never called after my surgeries and I really will never forget that.

I don't think it was until 12/13/16, the day Noelle came and went, people truly realized how serious this is and was.

I don't want to discount others sorrows, but it does frustrate me when people misspeak about my pregnancy and my loss. I did not have a miscarriage. My baby was born and my baby died. I never had a miscarriage so I cannot speak to what that feels like. My sister had a few miscarriages however and I know the heartache she went through with each. But I don't think it can be compared to holding your baby in your arms after 30 weeks of carrying them and going through multiple surgeries to save their life only to meet them for a brief moment after having a c-section... this is not a miscarriage... this is a different beast. And I think for those that have never been pregnant, those who have never had complications or a loss as great as this, that is one misconception they have. And none of this is to say that a miscarriage is easy, it is far from. Very often it is brushed off as being so. This is just to say that part of my frustration with others is shortening my journey, shortening Noelle's life and the fight we fought.

I guess I cannot blame others though. It is not their fault they haven't been through this and I don't wish this on anyone. I guess when it comes down to it, it is my job, our job, to spread the word. "My baby was here, my baby lived and fought a good fight... my baby changed my world". We need to show others that they should be grateful for their blessings, their children. When they get frustrated, say a prayer and thank God for the blessing that is your living breathing beautiful baby. Life is a miracle...

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