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Her Funeral

Noelle's funeral was today. We had a private service and were blessed to have the Deacon who married us less than a year ago preside. It was very, very difficult as you can image, but somewhat peaceful knowing that her body is at rest. There was a lot of anxiety leading up to this day and now I feel that we have a better chance at beginning the healing process.

I had ornaments with Noelle's feet made at the hospital and I have one to all of my family members who were there today and one to the Deacon.

My husband and I wanted to light the Chinese lanterns tonight in honor of her but it has been a long and exhausting day, but I do feel this is a very nice tribute.

We decided to lay Noelle to rest in the Mausoleum but the cemetery we chose is actually new and the Mausoleum is not yet complete, so we laid her to rest temporarily at another cemetey in their Mausoleum about 20 minutes away, so in about a year we will have to do this process again but I am hoping by that time we may be a little more healed and it will be nice to have another small service in her honor at her final resting place. My husband and I are also going to purchase a place next to hers so when it comes our time we may lay close to her.

Never did I see myself making these tough decisions this soon into my marriage. I know many say marriages can fall apart after the loss of a child, and I know we are only a week into this journey, but I feel closer to my husband now more than ever. I will talk in another blog about my experience thus far with our difference in grieving, but I feel if we can get through this hard time together, there is nothing we cannot overcome. I have faith Noelle will keep us strong, together.

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