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Be Grateful!

I don't want this to come off as cruel, but I can't listen to Mom's complain about their kids. Hearing about Mother's that think something is "annoying" or thinking that their kids flat head due to positioning is the WORST thing in the world and so sad drives me crazy... I want to scream to these Mothers, and Fathers, "you don't know what real worry is!" or "how can you be annoyed with your baby, at least your baby is here with you!" I want to tell people about my sweet angel

Being around other babies, kids, pregnant ladies...

Being around other babies and other pregnant ladies has been very very difficult... and I HATE to admit that. My sister, my best friend, is 3 months pregnant with her second. I am SO happy for her, but I am not going to lie, it hasnbeen hard asking her how she's doing and she's my best friend, I want to know. She also has a son, my Godson, Johnny, who is such a joy to be around. But it is very difficult being around him right now. My brother and sister in law also have a son

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