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Back to work, back to "normal"

My husband went back to work yesterday. It felt so wrong in so many ways. Being that our pregnancy was so complicated, the last couple months he really hasn't been working. I am a nurse in the ICU and so I could not work at all after the complications really started, so I have not worked in two months. I still cannot go back until the end of January/once I have clearance. I am no where near emotionally ready to come back (probably more physically ready than emotionally ready

Grieving Seperately but Together

By no means am I an expert at this, I am just trying to navigate my way through all of these emotions and an important aspect of grieving is to find a way to grieve alone as well as grieve with your partner. This blog has become a form of therapy for me. I wanted to show my husband the site but it is still too difficult for him to look at pictures etc. We had pictures taken at the hospital the day after loosing Noelle and my husband did not want to participate in the process,

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