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Healing Physically While Healing Emotionally

People keep asking me how I am doing, referring to both my physical and emotional well being. It has now been one week after the death of our little girl and a c-section. I honestly don't really think about the pain or the recovery much, which I know I should. I only really think about it when it effects my emotional health. Sometimes, most times, when the site is really painful, I have one of two thoughts. I don't want the pain to ever go away because it reminds me of my bab

Initial Feelings, Guilt, "Why Me?"

So my initial feelings are all over the place, some may say "normal" grief, but this is the first time in my life dealing with anything that comes even close to this, so I have no idea what to expect. The fact that I haven't dealt with anything like this until this point in my life (I am now 28 years old) makes me think maybe it was my time. Maybe everyone has a tragic story and this is mine. I remember my close friend once saying to me when they were struggling that I wouldn

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